"The most satisfied clients are those who receive personalized attention, sound advice and practical solutions."
~ Shannelle Smith ~

MITRE COURT is a commercial law firm founded on three principals: "KNOWLEDGE, SECURITY & MODERN SENSIBILITY".

We are result oriented and our success is attributable to our ability to remain focused on each client's immediate and long-term goals; and utilizing our years of experience to produce sound, timely results.

We are not your typical law firm. Our distinguishing feature is our ability to look at complex disputes, commercial transactions and other legal matters from a new and innovative perspective and apply grounded legal knowledge and expertise to produce practical, real-time solutions that work!

As a boutique law firm, our members provide highly individualized and result-oriented advice to clients. We understand our clients' needs in the current swift-paced business environment, and we meet those needs by ensuring our clients have direct access to each of the Firm's members.

The name of this Firm is rich in the halls of English Legal Education and practice. The present Mitre Court Buildings are constructed on the site of the old Mitre Court Building in London, England with an archway leading from Mitre Court into King’s Bench Walk. But, more relevant to the Firm, is that Shannelle’s alma mater, The University of Buckingham (UK), named a block of residential flats on its campus after the famous old building reconstructed in 1830. It is on the doorsteps of "Mitre Court" that Shannelle, the Firm's Founding Member, obtained her substantive legal education.